Morning Keynote: The International Activist Blogger Scholarship Recipients

Our second annual International Activist Blogger scholarship program highlights the work of women who are galvanizing social change and social justice across their communities -- and by the very public and distributed nature of the Internet -- across the world. For some of them, this work is not without risk, yet still they continue. Because raising their voices is not a luxury or a whim or an option. It is a necessity.


This year BlogHer presents its International Activist Blogger panel as a keynote, so that every attendee can be inspired, right along with us, by the work of our four impressive recipients. Perhaps their work can serve as a catalyst to activate each of us and our communities around the issues closest to our hearts. This year's recipients include Esra'a Al Shafei from Bahrain, who is the founder of; Dushiyanthini Pillai from Sri Lanka, who publishes Humanity Ashore; Marie Trigona from Argentina, who publishes Latin American Activism; and Freshta Basij-Rasikh from Afghanistan, who writes for the Afghan Women's Writing Project.