Morning Keynote: HybridMedia: How we will all work together to build a converged-media future

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Event Date: 
July 19, 2008 - 7:30am - 8:30am
Conference Day: 
Day 2
Old media, new media. Traditional media, social media. Print, broadcast, online and mobile media. Professionals. Amateurs. Citizens. Today's truth is that every kind of media company and media person is trying to figure out a way to develop a hybrid model to acquire the strengths they don't already have. Magazine empires and television networks are going online and mobile. Meanwhile, bloggers are seeking and scoring book, print and TV deals. Put a few visionaries together and maybe we can figure out how we all work together, what we all want from one another, how we all get paid to do what we love -- share great stories, important news and unique information.

Lisa Stone moderates this conversation with Redbook editor-in-chief Stacy Morrison, Essence Communications Director of Digital Development, Lesley Pinckney and Bravo TV's Senior VP of New Media and Digital, Lisa Hsia.

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