Morning Routine

Usually in the morning i'll wake up around 6:00 am to get my 4 yr old ready for school and myself(if i work) blah blah blah! When i come home after dropping off my daughter my husband is in the process of getting ready and i make coffee for him and we spend some time chatting until he leaves. When he leaves...IT'S MY TIME! My time to check my emails, fb, youtube, and etc! I am not the "I eat breakfast every morning girl" i actually don't even eat a full breakfast. I just eat cereal, bread, or just drink a cup of juice! or hot coco which i LOVE!! I don't drink coffee unless is from Starbucks(everyone who knows me knows that)and well...we all can't afford Starbucks every day :)  

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So this morning i just got ready to run some errands and get some things done! Nothing fancy which is why i won't be dressing all fancy neither! I do wear wedges because they are so comfortable for when i go out and want to look good yet not so  fancy! By the way i know that lately all I've been wearing are Jessica Simpson shoes. I have a bunch of pair of heels that i recently just got out of some boxes that were in storage so now i am starting to actually wear all the ones that i haven't used before which is why you will see a lot of her shoes! :)
So first i want to say that i DO NOT wear foundation every single day. When i am at home i wear no makeup(unless i am filming)When i go out on a daily basis(if i do)i only wear concealer and powder. I don't wear as much make up as i would if i was to go to a special event or so. My morning routine consists of me spending no more then 10 min doing my makeup and 5-10 min doing my hair. This is convenient for a mom(like myself), student or just anyone who doesn't have that much time to get ready in the mornings. Plus you don't want to wear full coverage make up every day. It's not necessary unless you're Kim Kardashian! :)
It's good to let your face breath every once in a while!

When using a concealer instead of foundation like i did on the video make sure you use a concealer that will cover spots that you usually like to cover when using a foundation. The one i am loving right now is the concealer by Maybeline from the Fit Me Collection. It covers pretty well. 
As always guys thank you for spending time with me!
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