Morning Swim

Last year my goal was to lose weight.  It wasn't just to lose weight.  It was actually to be a healthy person and that meant losing weight.  Thankfully, I did.  It was hard and it was a long process with ups and downs and it wasn't something that just came to a beautiful congratulatory end.

I'm still overweight, but not morbidly so.  I'm like a normal overweight, which given the health of our country, isn't something I should really be too content with and I'm not, but it has not been the focus this year.

This year, up until this last month, there hasn't really been a steady focus.

I got caught up in family and work and home and travel and trying to go to the gym and injuries and there just wasn't any one driving priority.  There were lots of wants, but nothing moving forward at a steady clip.  Until this last month.

Twenty-nine days ago, the kids and I began eating a Whole Foods/Real Foods/Anti-Infammatory/Paleo diet.  One could call it any number of things, but ultimately it meant eliminating foods that didn't contribute to our health and focussing on eating foods that did.  It has been a Really Good Process.  

It has also been far easier than my calorie counting of last year.  Of course, I'm in a vastly different place physically and psychologically than last year so I love that I did count calories and track calories last year and I super love that this month I've given myself the freedom to eat however much I want of this real foods diet we've been doing.

Our meals really have been amazing and I really do feel like our foods are nourishing us.  I've also been feeling a growing desire to really be out running and exercising.  It's been a bit tough this month because I've had two nasty colds, asthma attacks and then this crazy knee thing, but even through all that, I just feel better.

So last night, I said, "enough is enough of this sitting around using my knee as an excuse" and I woke up at five after eight hours of sleep and went to the pool.  I admit that I didn't want to go.  It was cold out, but I did.  I also wasn't so keen on swimming a mile, but I did.  I was not fast, nor dolphin-esque, but I swam a steady mile and then came home and cooked up some sweet potato hash with eggs for myself and the kids.

I'm a bit tired, but I'm also really glad I went.  Now that our family has kinda figured out this healthy eating thing, it feels good to start getting some focus back on my health in the form of exercise. 


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