Morning is Time for Getting Things Done

At what time of day do you feel the most energetic and productive?

   My best time of day for getting things done is morning. My husband would say that early mornings are a good time of day for me. While, I agree that before caffeine, I’m not so productive, but once I get rolling, watch out.

   Mornings are the time when I do the best writing and administrative work. I start with checking my emails and the news, then move on to my daily To-Do list. If the day goes well, I’m through most of the list by 1:00 pm.

   I’ve always been the person at the office who comes in and is ready to start the day, full speed ahead at 8:00 am. I’ve had coworkers who weren’t ready to get much done until 10:00am, and I just don’t understand that.

   But watch out, 2:00 pm comes around and I’ve hit a wall, ready for a nap. That’s when I have to find a dose of caffeine to finish out the day. Apparently, that works well for me. I’ve found that I get a second wind and find some motivation to get things done in the evening.

   The next wall comes about 10:30 pm. No matter what I’m doing, that is Cinderella time. I turn into a pumpkin and nothing more will be accomplished for the night, except sleep.

   Not even a cuppa tea will revive me at that point. So, off to bed and get ready to start again the next morning. Bright and early.  

   Maybe I should schedule more mornings into my week.

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