Like most good ideas, Morning Moms was created by a real person trying to solve a real problem. As a new mom, Stephania, a Celebrity Beauty Expert with Ford Models in New York, faced the same issues as every other new mom; finding the time to look and feel her best, while doing all of what moms do. After going to a photo shoot in jogging pants, no make-up and a pony tail, Stephania knew something had to change. “I really felt I hit a bottom that day. I just looked in the mirror and said to myself, that’s enough! I realized that I had spent my whole life making people beautiful in every way possible, but I had no idea how to fit beauty into my own life after giving birth to my daughter. The way I was looking was affecting how I was feeling.” Stephania began creating and implementing her first Morning Mom beauty schedule. She built her list of tips, short cuts and express versions of all she had learned as a make-up, hair and beauty expert in Milan and New York. “I created a morning beauty and life routine for myself and my family that was realistic. Not a typical before and after makeover idea, but a real routine that took into consideration my other responsibilities. I realized, like all new moms do, that taking an hour to get ready is a luxury usually beyond reach.” After changing her own life, Stephania decided to share those lessons with Morning Moms everywhere.