This morning's conversation with The Boy. About eating a chicken's privates.


This morning, while I was sitting on the toilet, minding my own business, the boy walked in the bathroom. This is the conversation that followed:

 The Boy: "Mama? Is there any part of the chicken, that if you ate it, would make you sick?"

 Me: *sigh* "I don't understand your question. And you do see I'm going to the bathroom, right? Can this wait?"

 TB: Ignores my request for privacy and gets a faraway look in his eyes and repeats: "Is there any part of the chicken, that if you ate it, would make you sick?"

 Me: *huge sigh* "I don't know."

 TB: "What about its privates?"

 Me: "You mean the chicken's privates?"

 TB: "Yes. Could you get sick from eating a chicken's privates?"

 Me: "......."

That's right. You know you want it.


 TB: Well? Could you?"

 Me: "I would probably get sick if I knew I was eating a chicken's privates. But I don't think anyone does that, that's just gross."

 For those of you wondering, yes, I'm still on the toilet at this point.

 TB: "People eat shrimps privates, you know."

 Me: "What???"

 TB: "Sure. Because a shrimp is so small, see?"

 Me: "Umm.....yeah, I guess they do."

 TB: "They could avoid doing that by not eating the tail. That's where the privates are."

 Me: "Hmm...I guess."

 TB: "They could just eat its face."

 Me: "........"

 Then he wandered off. These conversations happen all the time at our house.


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