This Morning's Workout

Today I have a personal training session with 'Brian' at the gym.  I'm actually really excited about it.  I'm clumsy and I make mistakes but I've warned him and he's still going to work with me.

 I decided to take the 3 sessions I was offered after it was pointed out to me that I still have at least 20 lbs more to go.  To be completely honest I could care less about the last 20 lbs.  I'll never be a skinny girl because I like food too much for that to ever happen.  I do, however, like a challenge.  I want my workout to be hard.  I like leaving the gym sweating like a guy and feeling stronger for it the next day.  If continuing to eat healthy and enjoying my workout burns away the extra pounds then great, I still win.

 Here's the thing:  I've spent a lot of time over the past six months working on the outside.  I realize that often we can get so overwhelmed with our imperfections that we forget to see the good things that we have on the inside.  I'm trying my very hardest not to forget that being a great mom, wife, friend and weekday leader of the littles is just as important as how many push ups I can do and how fast I can run a kilometer.

 I want there to be lots of good things on the inside too.  I want my Christian values to reflect in everything I do.  I want my kids to see their mother as their first stop to love, safety and security.  I want Brent to know that no matter what I'm here to back him up and I want my friends to know that when they need me I will be there.  I want what's inside to always outshine the outside.

This is the true reason I am up way before the sun.  I figure if I'm about to dedicate an hour of my day to bettering myself on the outside I should start by offering myself the same principle of self discipline for my heart. 

 It's very easy to zero in on what can be adjusted or improved bodily but if what's on the inside isn't strong and whole then it simply won't matter.

 I'm going to start today knowing that by the end of today I will have shared some joy with those around me and consequently made myself wholly better as a result.

 Wish me luck with Brian though.  I have a feeling he's going to kick my butt.  ;)


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