Morrissey stood me up in Atlantic City, NJ

Morrissey stood me up in Atlantic City, NJ

When I found out several months ago that the singer, Morrissey, my obsession since the 80s, was slated to perform in the NY/NJ area, I went crazy. In fact last year, my first blog post was about a Morrissey concert I attended in Port Chester, NY. Now I had reason to write a sequel to last year's post, this time in a new venue which I had not visited since the 90s. Morrissey chose Ovation Hall located in the newest haute gambling resort, the Revel Hotel. First let me clue you in about Atlantic City. Geographically it sits on a beautiful stretch of land on the Atlantic ocean and has been a popular tourist destination since the late 1800s. It is renown for its boardwalk, majestic hotels, the Miss America contest and most recently, gambling. Revel Hotel roof top view and Atlantic oceanIn the 70s, the first casino was built drawing more crowds than could be sustained. Since then, at least a dozen hotels have been built to meet the demand, including The Trump Plaza and the Taj Mahal. For decades, Atlantic City was an impoverished city, rife with drug addicts, gangs, shootings and corruption. The politicians were eager to have more casinos built to fill their coffers with tax revenue. The real estate developers complied and promised that gambling and subsequent revenue would be a windfall for AC.

Hours before leaving for my trip I got word from the hotel that Morrissey cancelled his concert due to illness. This has been happening during the past year since he has been grappling with some illnesses with no lasting recovery. I wasn't completely devastated, since I have seen him perform twice. So, my friends and I decided to keep the hotel reservations and experience the highly touted two year old Revel Hotel. Morrissey postponed in Atlantic City NJ

The first thing that impressed me before entering Atlantic City were the mammoth wind turbines. Considering how much energy the casinos use 24/7, this was a smart, progressive move and one I hope to see more cities embrace.

Wind turbines in Atlantic City Wind Mill

As we approached the hotel, it was good to see an area of abandoned homes replaced with new, well maintained structures. New businesses and a beautiful new school have opened along with an outdoor mall outlet which stretched for blocks.

I pulled into the massive Revel parking garage and proceeded to the check-in area. We checked our bags but had to wait since our room was not ready. Time to scout the hotel.

Revel Hotel outside rooftop We could not believe the size of this modern glass leviathan, which looked nothing like its surrounding gaudy neighbors. The size of this behemoth is difficult to comprehend until you are physically inside. Envision a glass city that serves as a compound with manifold restaurants, bars, shopping rows. Imagine seated themed areas with excessive space, and labyrinthian casino areas with people sitting mesmerized by gleaming slot machines. I was surprised I didn't see more people flailing on the ground from seizures.

revel hotel ocean view from balconyRed room sitting aread Revel Hotel AC, NJRevel Hotel AC bar area near check in Green room area Revel Hotel Atlantic City shades room at revel hotel ac

My friends and I consider casinos jarring and extremely depressing. So we high-tailed it for our room to assess the digs. The room was tastefully decorated and well appointed with amazing views of the ocean and Atlantic City, yet lacked total wheelchair accessibility. The bed was too high making it almost impossible to transfer. The sliding door to the bathroom was so heavy I grunted just trying to push it a few inches. There were stains in the carpeting, chips in the furniture, no tissues or towel bars. ONE remote control device controlled curtains, lights, tv, heat and air. A remote which controls EVERYTHING makes perfect sense if you've gone to a five buck all-you-can-eat buffet and simply can't move.

view from revel hotel double queen bed room The is the view from my double queen room.

Next, I unpacked, spackled my face with SPF 55 cream, donned a sun hat the width of a golf umbrella and then headed to the roof to pay tribute to the sun.

Magda sun hat revel hotel atlantic city nj

I love the sun, but need to ward off those dreaded sun spots.

The design of the roof top and surroundings was impressive. It was quiet except for the house music blasting from the pool area below. Time to move along and size up the boardwalk.

But before we left, my friend and I shook our head glaring at the pool crowd several stories below and declared:

BFF: You just know that pool is pretty much STD soup.

Me: Ha, ha. Yup. Do you think they have frozen drink specials that say "Buy 3 frozen margaritas get one free "morning-after pill?"

BFF: If only.

pool area revel hotel atlantic city nj This is an exclusive pool area (w/several smaller pools). It costs $40 to get in and stand like a sardine with music blasting in your ear, screaming 20-somethings, drunks, projectile vomiters and overpriced rentable cabanas (private fornication huts).

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