Mosque. Enough Already.

The other day I was talking to my husband about the proposed Mosque which may be built near ground zero in New York. <a href="">HERE</a> is a story which can catch you up if you have been under a rock for the past few weeks. I had mentioned that I was getting pretty tired of the debate and the spewing of hatred and racism coming from said debate.

I understand the opposers' point of view. I do not agree with it, but then again...I was not in NY that day, I did not lose anyone to the tragedy and I was not directly effected (not any differently than any other American). I do understand that people think it is insensitive and a slap in the face to the victims and their families. I get it. And I support the right for these people to protest the building of this Mosque. HOWEVER...Yesterday pushed me over the proverbial edge. I was listening to WRJN, a local talk radio station - a call in show, Sound Off. A woman called in and floored me. She said that Muslims are nothing but terrorists and if we allow for this mosque to be built "they" will just keep coming in droves and basically take over the country. She also felt it necessary to add that "Barack Hussein Obama" was a Muslim and there was no doubt about it. She said we needed educated ourselves and check out the "internet" (lol) for the real truth on this. Oh my. It didn't upset me that there was this one crazy lady out there (not far from me I might add...scary) but that I know there are tons more from where she spawned.

When our country was in the midst of the cold war...Russia was our enemy. In this country it ensued a wave of racism and prejudice against Russia or any citizens who happened to reside in a communist country. Blacklisting, McCarthyism - ridiculous pursuits to perpetuate this racism and fear was abundant.

After the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Japanese Interment orders were made across the United States due to the racism and retaliation against Japanese Americans. These citizens had to be alienated from the rest of the population due to hatred and fear.

And after 9/11, the same kind of intolerance and misunderstanding has led to the persecution of a group of people - Muslim Americans - because so many people fail to see that being Muslim does NOT equal terrorist. And I feel that this is a big reason for the decision to build the Mosque so close to ground zero. The Muslim community was also greatly affected by the horrifying acts on that September 11th. They have been criminalized in the eyes of many Americans since then and to this day. Perhaps they seek to help Americans gain an understanding of their religion and its separation from the acts of radical terrorists.

Well, when speaking to my husband that day, I happened to mention that the unfair Muslim comparison to terrorists is no different than comparing all Catholics to pedophiles. So, when watching The Daily Show this morning, I had to applaud when Jon Oliver made the same point - only funnier. The video is below.

I just want to add one more thing...when I hear people speak the way they do, when I see the actions they take to stand in the way of what is fundamentally right...I start to really lose hope for this country. We seem to be very slowly evolving creatures. Too slow. We resist it. We seem to want to stay in this pile of hate, discontent and anger. Why is that?

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