The Most AWESOME Mother’s Day EVER!

The Most AWESOME Mother’s Day EVER! 
Once upon a Mother’s Day morning, the Mama was still sleeping soundly while the kids and the loverman cooked and cleaned and did the laundry very, very quietly. 

When all the cleaning was done, the kids quietly opened the Mama’s bedroom door and surprised her with a hot cup of coffee, just the way she likes it and wished her a HAPPY Mama’s Day!    


Before the kids left the Mama to enjoy her delicious hot cup of coffee in peace, they showered her with lots of love, hugs and kisses!   The Mama was so happy and surprised! 

The Mama lounged in bed for the entire half hour. She posted a blog and wished all the other Mamas an awesome Mama’s Day while she enjoyed her hot cup of coffee to the very last drop. She did  it ALL  in peace and quiet. It was heavenly!


THEN the Mama needed to have a pee. So she went to the washroom, closed the door, sat on the loo and to her AMAZEMENT, NO ONE yelled at her through the bathroom door for the entire PEE! It was AWESOME!

THEN the Mama went to the kitchen to see what was cooking. It smelled great!  She was greeted with more love, hugs and kisses and praise about how she was the most AWESOME Mama EVER! THEN she was served some of her favorite HOT food and she was able to eat EVERY last bite while it was still HOT! 

It was AWESOME and yummy!


When the Mama was finished eating, the kids cleaned up all the mess! Then loverman brought her another delicious hot cup of coffee. Then he told her that he was going to run her a nice hot bubble bath AND take the kids out so she could enjoy some more peace and quiet because she DESERVED IT!  He also told her that she wouldn’t have to worry about dinner because there was a surprise family BBQ planned at this brother’s house and ALL the MEN and the KIDS would take care of EVERYTHING! 

She couldn’t believe her ears!


THEN the Mama finished her entire cup of hot coffee and then jumped into the awesome hot bubble bath. She had almost forgotten what it was like to take a bath or a shower without being needed for something and yelled at through the bathroom door. It was so AWESOME!

THEN the Mama got dressed, painted her nails and pampered herself a little. She poured herself a glass of wine, snuggled up on the couch, relaxed and lived happily EVER after for the entire day!

THE AWESOME END! <3 Happy Mother's Day! 

Tanya ~aka~ Comics Strip Mama!


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