The Most Effective Stress Reducer

The Most Effective Stress Reducer

The Most Effective Stress Reducer

Feeling stressed by work? Overwhelmed by the pile of laundry? Tired of fighting with your daughter about setting the table? Or are you just annoyed that the email inbox is neverempty?

How can you cope when you feel like you are just not getting a break?

Here’s the answer: Go outside and take a quick walk.

Taking a walk outside clears your head. It distracts you and gives you perspective in a way that allows you to see your problems more clearly.

We give little kids a ‘time-out’ when they are overwhelmed. When they are removed from a stressful situation, kids are able to calm down and regroup. As adults, we need time-outs too. We need to step away from problems and find a way to think more clearly.

When in doubt, take a quick walk around the block. Even 10 minutes will do you a world of good.


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