The Most Important Opinion on Extended Breastfeeding Is Your Child's

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[Editor's Note: When I nursed our youngest son past the one year mark, I was constantly asked, "So, when are you going to wean?" Sometimes it was said in a tone that showed genuine care and curiosity. Most of the time it was said with a smack of judgment and distaste. Any mother who has found herself in an extended breastfeeding scenario knows the tone of which I speak. (Not) Maud at Awfully Chipper writes about her nearly three year old who is still nursing and the importance of listening to your baby. It's a touching post that makes me miss the sleepy, nursing cuddles with my kiddos. -Jenna]


Drunk diallingShe hardly ever nurses in public, so though we don't have set times, I think it's all ramping down gradually and I'm fine with that. There are days when she drags me to the sofa every five minutes, and I kvetch about how she needs to eat real food and stop bugging me, but then it turns out that she was starting a cold, or had been awake half the night, and she just really needs it.

Thing is, if I wasn't nursing her, I don't know when I would take that time to just sit down and have a cuddle with my two-year-old. She's a big girl - I keep telling her that every time I try to entice the underpants back on. She's starting nursery school next week. She'll talk to you till the cows come home and she knows that cheetahs are the fastest animal and that Iron Man has repulsor blasts. (Good lord, but there's a lot of information about Iron Man on Wikipedia, where I just went to check that fact. I suppose I should have expected that, really.) She can climb anything, run anywhere, reach every damn thing she shouldn't. But she's still two, and even when she's three, there will be times when she needs to decompress by being close to her mama for a while.

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