The Most Memorable Sports Commercials of 2012

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Big sports companies know how to kick things up a notch when marketing their products. And since 2012 was an Olympic year, all sorts of other brands got in on the action. From Nike to Kellogg's to Visa and P&G, take a look at some of my favorite sports commercials from the past year. A couple may require a tissue.


The Journey

As the world gathered to honor the glory of the finish, cereal maker Kellogs took a moment to celebrate the promise of the start.


Abby Wambach Seizes the Moment

This spot focuses on the inner voice of pro soccer player Abby Wambach who recognizes a subtle sign that her opponent is out of gas. By drinking Gatorade, the USA team captain seizes the opportunity to play at her peak Anytime we get to see Wambach play is a treat. .


Thank You, Mom

P&G, architects of the amazing “Thank You, Mom” campaign during the Olympics, tugs on our heartstrings with this emotional spot.


Lolo Jones Beyond Reason

Some people simply refuse to accept limits or listen to conventional wisdom. Their drive takes them beyond the ordinary, and their sense of purpose propels them far beyond the boundaries of reason. For Oakley athlete Lolo Jones it's putting 12 years of work into 12 seconds of hurdles


1/100th of a Second

In this Visa spot, narrated by the inimitable Morgan Freeman, we see what a 1/100th of a second really means.


QB Aaron Rogers on Career Day

Can Quarterback Aaron Rogers compete with the State Farm agent during career day at school?


Kobe or Messi


Basketball or Football (soccer)? Lakers star Kobe Bryant and international soccer sensation Messi compete for a kid’s attention in this spot from Turkish Airlines.


Find Your Greatness

Nike spots are always inspirational. In this one, we are all encouraged to find our greatness.


Take it Back

Under Armour creates a competition to redefine the female athlete. Call us women, chicas, ladies or whatever you want - just remember to call us an athlete.

What were your favorite sports commercials of 2012?

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