THE most romantic movie of all time. According to moi.

This prompt is a good one. Initially I thought of one of my favorite movies of all time, "About Last Night". With a young Rob Lowe and Demi Moore. Before her plastic surgeries. That movie came out when I was in the prime of my dating years. I was in a relationship that I classified as "the real thing". My perspective on the relationship proved to be highly flawed and if I saw this movie today, I would probably not cry at the sentimentality that touched me so much in the 80's. The one quality of that movie that still moves me though is the friendship between Demi and Elizabeth Perkins. And that Bob Seger song. That song still slays me. The scene where Demi is making the bed in their new shared apartment and she is all love struck and blissfully happy. The lyrics spoke to me. Spoke to my feelings about what a true love relationship felt like. I can be transported to the innocence of my young, open, loving heart just by hearing the tune.

Living Inside my Heart...

and I don't know what I did

to deserve her,

but I'll tell you this my friend,

I'm never gonna lose her

'cause every


She's livin' inside my heart now...

Well, today, I am coming up on 20 years of marriage to a real true love. If I was going to pick a romantic movie today it would be The Vow or The Notebook. Cheesy, full on sappy, epic love story about passion and loss and disappointment and devotion, and truthfulness and flaws, acceptance and compromise. That is romance. That is real. That is my forever. That is what I have found. And it is living inside of MY heart.

He is livin' inside my heart. Every day. Every night. All the time.

I am not just about last night anymore. I am about forever.

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