A Mother’s Day Gift That Could Save a Life

The Pearls of Wisdom campaign, a global effort to prevent cervical cancer and to encourage women and girls to protect their health, is taking big steps this week to reach 4,070 pledges by Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 9.

Why 4,070? According to Pearls of Wisdom, in 2010 alone, more than 11,000 American women are expected to be diagnosed with cervical cancer. The number of women expected to die from this illness is 4,070.

AAUW is a proud partner of Pearls of Wisdom, and we would like to encourage our members to take the pledge and help reach this goal. Protect yourself and your loved ones — daughters, sisters, mothers, and friends — and teach them about this preventable disease.

Take the Pearl Pledge:

  • Schedule your annual gynecological appointment (an HPV test, a PAP smear, or both). For more details about what test is right for you, visit the Pearls of Wisdom website.
  • Tell five friends about your pledge.
  • Wear your Pearls of Wisdom pin.

Cervical cancer is the second leading cancer affecting women worldwide, and symptoms do not appear until it is in a very late stage. This makes regular screenings and tests crucial for catching abnormal cells that could develop into cancer. With the proper tests, almost every case of cervical cancer could be prevented.

If you’d like to do more to spread the word about the Pearl Pledge, you can share it via Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, or by adding buttons to your own website or blog. You can also purchase pearl pins for yourself or your loved ones.

This post is written by Ashley Carr, AAUW Director of Marketing and originally appeared on the AAUW Dialog blog.