The Mother in Law from Hell, a how to guide.

I'm assuming most of us have one. 

A  MiL ( mother in law or monster in law), some of us are one..

 Mine gives Satan a run for his money.

 She's not nice, she's not honest ans she's not sane, she's a monster. Let me put it into perspective; she's so bad that the line to take a swing at her wraps around the South Pole, she's so bad that if kidnapped she would be returned with an apology letter saying " we are so sorry you have to deal with her" and so on. Believe me I've MiL jokes for days.

What makes a MiL a monster? A lack of respect for boundaries, the complete convinction that she's right and entitled to everything, a lack of understanding that's bad enough she's has made her son's life hell, she doesn't need to get close to my children too.

Exibit A. I have twin boys, one looks like his dad one looks like me. The daddy clone is always right, gets the better toys, gets more food and an A list treatment where the other one is always wrong, always bad, never good enough and not worth baby sitting by the MiL. This has been going on since they were infants and has led me to decided that she's dead and will no longer be allowed to be around them. Her behavior is such that it has caused untold damages to my clones self esteem= she's no more.

Exibit B. After 30 years of marriage she left the house one day and never came back. Once in court she presetended herself as a victim of abuse and said she had fled the home to save her life. That was a lie. Anyone who knows her knows without a shadow of a doubt that she is a spiteful, vengeful, bitchy human being. She has made it her life mission to destroy anything that might bring any kind of happyness to others, she made it a habit to routinely throw away her husbands beloved possesions under the excuse " they are not needed".

During the separation time she entered the marital house and stole some of her husband's documents, never provided the court with her... And all while the house was awarded to the husband. Yes, it was breaking and entering. Yup, she's that smart. These are all true stories. The Psycho MiL stories.

Exibit C. She feel entitled to everything, if you have it she wants it bigger, better.

She will stop to nothing to make your life a living hell just because she's such a great person ( cough, cough).

I've tried, really tried to get along with her but I just can't. She's like a rash that won't go away. She is a sick, deranged person whose only goal in life is to make others miserable, I'm pretty sure I have said it at least a couple of time already.

I want to apologize to everybody for my rant but I really, really needed it... She's still breathing and that's a problem. Lol

Maybe this year she will get run over by Santa's reindeer.


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