Mother/Daughter Camping Weekend at Leo Carillo State Park in Malibu, CA

I like camping.  I think it's one of the best family outdoor activities ever.  Piling kids in the car, cruising down the highway and getting to campground is always fun and a lot of excitement for everyone.  But there's more to it than that.  There is planning, organizing and setting up to make a life-long and unforgetable camping memories.  


 Thanks to our dear friend, she was able to secure a reservation at Leo Carillo State Park in Malibu.  It's a great place to camp.  We stayed in the group campsite that has an "A" rating.  Our campsite was the best!   We had our own coin-op bathrooms with hot water, dining area, dual sinks, dual grills, a fire pit, and ton of space to set-up tents.  The place is clean (for an outdoor site), especially the bathrooms, a big plus! 


 The campground also has a General Store with all kinds of  goodies and camping necessities you can imagine like firewood, even bread, fruits and marshmallows (incase the squirrels ate 'em).  In fact, their motto is "if we don't have it, you don't need it".  They also have some tables & chairs set up just outside the store for convenience. 

 Our group of 15 mother/daughter campers got there about the same time, maybe about 5-10 minutes apart.  We had our own parking lot, so that was very convenient.  We unloaded our stuff and had to walk a little farther up the hill to get to our campsite.  It's nice to get there early because my daughters and I were able to pick a perfect spot for our big tent.  Everyone was busy unloading stuff and setting up tents.

Finally, after all that, all the girls and a couple of mommies went to the beach.  I stayed in the campsite with the other mommies having some cheese, crackers and wine.  Fancy!  I liked it.  It was very nice to just relax, unwind, and join in the conversations. 

The next day, after a delicious pancake breakfast, we went hiking at the Nicholas Flat Trail.  The trail is very nice (easy to moderate), lots of greens, beautiful wildflowers, and steep elevated hills.  As we were heading up the trail, we could see the view of the campground, the canyons, and the beach.  It was simply breathtaking.  It's about a 2-3 hours hike, so with all that, everyone was starving back at the campsite. 

 It was an amazing weekend!  We all had such a terrific time.  It was wonderful just being with this terrific group of women and girls, catching up with everyone's plans for the summer and stuff, and made it a memorable experience for everyone.  Thanks to Petra for organizing and coordinating the whole event.  And thank you to all mother/daughter campers for bringing your delicious contributions to the weekend.  Every meal was delighful!


My girls and I came home in a good time, unloaded and put away our stuff, showered, and we were just Jello for the rest of day.  Good times!


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