Motherhood is...

"Motherhood is buying a shirt for your daughter that she tried on and loved in the store only to have her refuse to wear it at home because it’s too itchy.

This was the status update I posted on my blog’s Facebook page last week.  So simple, yet so true.

And there are many more truths about motherhood that came to me since I posted about the shirt. Truths about motherhood that apply right now, right this very week, in my life, as a working mom to two kids, ages 10 and 7.

Truths like:

-Motherhood is finding your best towel on the floor because it was used to clean up the Barbie pool.


-Motherhood is spending the last dollar in your wallet on your kids.

-Motherhood is getting the worst manicure from your daughter, but thinking it’s the best manicure.

-Motherhood is signing health forms and tracking vaccinations. Again and again.

-Motherhood is holding hands, giving piggy back rides, and throwing wiffle balls.

-Motherhood is watching your son drop a ball in a baseball game and get benched the next inning.

-Motherhood is watching the coach’s son drop a ball in a baseball game and NOT get benched the next inning.

-Motherhood is stocking up on your kids’ favorite cereal because it’s on sale, only to find out it’s no longer your kids’ favorite cereal.

-Motherhood is demanding your kids go to bed, wash their hair, and wear sunscreen because it’s good for them.

-Motherhood is sitting through Full House and Sam & Cat on TV. Again and again.

-Motherhood is wishing you had $1 for every time someone asked, “What’s for dinner?”

-Motherhood is watching your waistline – and your heart – grow bigger.

-Motherhood is…the best.

The best.

This is my motherhood, this week, at this time in my life.


What is your motherhood these days? I’d love to hear! Please share in the comments.

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