Moms Shouldn't Like Sex? Oh Really?

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I am a mother.

I’m not sure how often I mention that on this blog, but I am. I wholeheartedly enjoy being mother to a beautiful boy whose birthday is today.

I began to reflect on this idea of motherhood from various standpoints. Feminism, sexuality, motherhood… three constructs that have an interesting interconnection. Follow me as my thoughts spill out.

A few weeks ago, I found myself being “attacked” on Twitter by a few anonymous accounts. The focus of the attacks was on my motherhood. I was being questioned and challenged based on how much time I spend with him, what kinds of foods he eats, my being on Twitter when I should be playing with him, etc. There was the suggestion that I was doing my son a disservice by being his mother because of how openly I express my thoughts about sexuality and relationships and the like. It was even said that I don’t deserve to have my son because I’m basically a Twitter ho.


Because, you know, babies are made by fucking... so... there has to be SOME sex happening in a woman’s life (for the most part) for a baby to be made. I say for the most part because I acknowledge other forms of insemination and I give mad love to the foster/adoptive mothers out there. But for the most part, don’t most mothers become mothers because they were doing some freaknasty shit with some dude at some point? Am I mistaken? Because if I am, let me know.


I was taken aback, admittedly, by someone daring to suggest that because I have sex, enjoy sex, and enjoy talking about it openly… because I occasionally post pictures of my gorgeous breasts and flirt with men and women online… because I curse a lot and tweet deliciously vulgar sex topics, that I don’t deserve to be a mother or that my son deserves better than me.

As a feminist, it disgusts me that women continue to be boxed into such limiting cages with regard to who or what they are allowed to be. Why do we continue to let patriarchy dictate how we view and think of ourselves? As a woman, I was disgusted by the compartmentalization of my womanhood as being either/or rather than both/and. Can we not exist in the duality of our womanhood? As a mother, I was hurt by the suggestion that I’m not good enough for my son, because I am. I damned sure am.

I had a conversation a couple of days ago with a friend over drinks about my openness. I explained that I was raised by an extremely liberal mother who exposed me to a lot of “free love”-type behaviors earlier on. She had the sex talks with me very early and introduced me to people of all types of sexually liberating backgrounds. I met people who were unafraid of who they were early on and that definitely shaped my views on many things. I thank her for that gift because without it, I might have ended up someone who creates anonymous accounts to attack a free woman I secretly envy. I plan to build that same time of relationship with my son and expose him to similar environments and people.

A few months ago, my Tumblr account was inundated with anonymous messages attacking my decision to have weight loss surgery, and in those attacks were comments on my motherhood. People critiqued how I feed my child, how I interact with him, the fact that I have him on weekends instead of every day, etc. Isn’t it interesting how people can be so hateful, judging, and condemning having not lived a single day in your shoes? It made me think about the fact that so many people still exist within the very narrow confines of what is socially acceptable and tolerated, rather than challenging themselves to think and live outside of those boxes.

Yeah, it hurt. I’m a sensitive person, and while I know that is the goal of people who behave that way so I shouldn’t give into it, it still hurt.

I am a woman who happens to be a mother. I am a woman who happens to enjoy sex. I am a woman who happens to champion women’s rights and freedoms and believes that women have the right to make their own decisions regarding their lives. I don’t believe that being a mother makes me more of a woman or a “Real Woman.” I don’t believe that being a mother is the best thing that can happen to a woman. I don’t believe that every woman should experience motherhood in order to have her womanhood solidified or her femininity confirmed.


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