Motherhood: Like It Or Love It

Last night I was done. Done for the day. Done being a mom. Done with work. Done being a housekeeper. Done with the ever increasing load of endless things to do.

I was tired.

Beckett was screaming.

An old picture of Beckett screaming, but you get the idea.


Kiera was asking the same questions over and over.

"Can I go on the iPad?"

"Can I have a lollipop?"

"Can I watch My Little Pony?"

"No, Kiera! For the love of God, read a book!"

She would slowly walk a way. Dejected. Head hanging. She would find the easiest book ever and read it in under 30 seconds.

"NOW can I go on the iPad?"

Yes, I admit we have a lot of screen time in this house. Something we need to cut back on. But despite how tired I was, I didn't cave. Okay. I DID let her watch My Little Pony. But just one episode, okay?

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