Motherhood just should not get in the way of some things

Sometimes it is difficult to get being a Mummy out of your head, this is my guide to things you should NEVER say or do:

1. When at the dinner table.
Never try to help your friend to eat by making aeroplane noises and flying a fork of food around his head.   

2. When in bed with your beloved.
Never say “Well done! Clever boy!” in a really condescending tone after his performance.

3. When at a restuarant.
Never ask your friend when they excuse themselves to go to the bathroom, if they want a wee wee or a poo.

4. When out shopping.
Never state the colour and number of EVERYTHING out loud

5. When going on a date to the cinema.
Never offer your date a lollipop for ” sitting really well” thoughout the entire film.

6. When in a job interview.
Never try to wipe a crumb off his moustache with your hanky (which you have licked)

7. When watching TV
Never make the mistake of watching the children’s channel AFTER your child has gone to bed, and not noticing.

8. When trying to be cool while waiting to be served in a Bar
Never start humming the tune to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Anything else you really should avoid?

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