Motherhood Unlimited

What is motherhood? Motherhood is not limited to only those who have given birth. Motherhood includes even those who are Aunts, Grandmothers, Godmothers, Motherlike Figures, Adoptive Mother, Foster Mother, etc. It is loving a child with care. It is thinking of someone else besides yourself. It is the joy you feel when looking into your child's face. It is the pride of your baby's first step. It is that feeling when you leave your baby at daycare for the first time or first day of school. It is warmth in your heart when your child is able to form the words I Love You. Motherhood is that warm hug when you are sick. It is picking up a child and brushing off their knees after they have fallen. It is supporting the dreams that come. It is encouraging. It is wanting to protect your children from harm even in their adulthood. It is wanting something greater for them than you had. It is providing guidance for a world that can be so cruel. It is the feeling of leaving your child on campus for college. It is helping them cope with their first heartbreak. It is that feeling on their wedding day. It is the feeling of the birth of their first child. Motherhood is unlimited. It is forgiving. It is loving. Happy MOTHER'S DAY to all who have joined motherhood.

Artori Lester

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