The Horrible "Happy" Mothers Day

I told myself the night before, “tomorrow will be just like any other day”. I closed my eyes content with the fact that Mother’s Day is a money making profitable extravaganza for our country, and that I wanted to make sure that my expectations were not bigger than any other Sunday.

I was so wrong. I woke up the next morning, happy and slightly worried. I didn’t want my happiness to end, I wanted to soak up the beautiful Miami sun and prance around flaunting off my five month old Mother’s Day gift to the world.

My husband hadn’t bought me a present and at first I was fine with it. He knows I don’t fret over things like that, and I knew how incredibly busy he had been that week a work, and how when he is NOT busy, I want him all for myself. But as the day went by, I became more and more irritated at the fact that their still had been no dozen of roses, and box of chocolate, all the cheesy and money-making gifts I had so harshly criticized before.

And to top it off, my husband had told me that when we were to visit the mother-in-law, he was planning on taking her hill of trash to the dump (waste management) for her. Now this, you see, ticked me off.

“It’s Mother’s Day!” I yelled like a hormonal lady pregnant with sextuplets.


I thought, how dare him? Take time away from me? On Mother’s Day? Any other day I honestly wouldn’t have cared. I would have encouraged him to help her out, especially since that meant not dealing with hearing her negativity for the time being.

But nope. Not this day. Mother’s Day. I took it to heart, and everything came crashing in. No present!? I thought to myself. And the stupid, shiny, sunny day. I became angry with the world, and I am sure by the heat that came through the car doors, the world was angry with me. It was like the world laughed in my face, saying how dare I not take a day like today serious.

The day ended better, I was eventually given a Mother’s Day present to the one person that knew how important this day would end up for me, my Mommy. (Yes, I get the right to say Mommy when I’m sad). After the whole day ended, I sat down and talked with my husband to explain how next year's Mother’s Day should pan out differently. And now I know that I underestimated my attachment to the silly money-making made up Mother’s Day.

I guess all I wanted for Mother’s Day was to be worshiped and treated like a queen, and you have to admit, what mom doesn’t deserve that.


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