Mothering Fatherless Sons: How Do I Keep My Brother's Memory Alive For His Son When It's Too Painful To Remember?

How can I keep my brother's memory alive when it's too painful to remember?

One of the cruelest tricks grief plays on me is this: The unspeakable pain left by the loss of my extraordinary younger brother renders me unable to talk about him. He's the only one who could help me heal the pain left by his death but he is not here. We're approaching two years since his shocking death and I am still so raw with grief that it's hard to say his name.

But I have to say his name. I have to hear his lion's roar of a laugh in my head so I can bring him to life with stories and memories and crazy dances and his joyful, loud-loudness for his son. His son turned 1 just six days before his dad died. Now he is 3. This joyful, playful, dancey, loud-laughing little boy must get to know his father through those of us who knew and loved him. Here's how: A Father's Day Gift to My Nephew: Your Dad Healed Everyone Who Knew Him

Pamela Cytrynbaum

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