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 I heard the bells on Christmas Day Their old familiar carols play.       And wild and sweet the words repeat Of Peace on earth, good will to men.


~Lyrics from I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day


What's in a Christmas carol? Memories of baking iced, cut-out sugar cookies with mom, candle-lit church services, the smell of the Christmas tree, cozy jammies on early Christmas mornings, stockings stuffed full, Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, mom's warm Tea Ring, Dad's homemade tamales, snow, coming "home" for Christmas, the mystery of the oddly-shaped gift under the tree, games with brothers and sisters (in-law), skiing, Christmas light gazing with PaPa, deep belly laughs with family, the enchantment of Santa delivering gifts for my children, stories of Christmases past, sweet friends, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandmas and grandpas, Daddy Mack's fudge, Macy's 8th Floor Exhibit with the boys, mugs of hot chocolate with a little of my mother-in-law's Christmas bottle of Baileys added for good measure, our wedding, faith, hope, love and the original Christmas story; so many love-filled memories both old and new.

A friend once asked me, what Christmas music means Christmas to me when I hear it? The answer came to me easily. Since I was a young girl, it's always been Amy Grant's A Tennessee Christmas that I have listened to over and over and know every word to every song. What Christmas carol or album represents Christmas to you?


It's Friday…. Go eat some ^ chocolate. It's good for you, and you deserve it!

                                       {Christmas candy}


Nota Bene:I hold these truths to be self-evident, that all parents and kids are not created equally, but are wholly individual in personality and style. Regardless of these differences, the basic needs of love, patience and support remain constant. Here are the weekly affirmations, tips and reminders. Unless otherwise noted, these are entirely my opinion. Take them with a grain of salt, or not!


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