Motherly Advice

Fingertip I hold these truths to be self-evident, that all parents and kids are not created equally, but are wholly individual in personality and style. Regardless of these differences, the basic needs of love, patience and support remain constant. Here are the weekly affirmations, tips and reminders. Unless otherwise noted, these are entirely my opinion. Take them with a grain of salt, or not!

In the childhood memories of every good cook, there's a large kitchen, a warm stove, a simmering pot and a mom.
~Barbara Costikyan (10/22/84 New York Magazine)


Cook with your child. Let your child experiment with ingredients and taste batter or lick the bowl. It's OK if the recipe does not turn out exactly right. It's the experience of spending time in the kitchen with you that leaves an impression.

It's Friday…. Go eat some chocolate. It's good for you, and you deserve it!



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