Mothers of America, So Nice To Meet You

As a college graduate who many years ago left an ivy-covered liberal arts institution with a philosophy degree in hand, I thought I knew everything.

Throughout my twenties and thirties I worked for media companies that targeted the mom market; TV networks, websites and print publishers with products and content focused on parenting. In those days I thought I knew everything about moms.

Two years ago I became a mom blogger. As almost any blogger will tell you, blogging connects you in strong and profound ways with other bloggers - people you would not have met otherwise.

Turns out I really didn't know much at all about the women raising families in this country...until I became a blogger.

What I'm about to write will undoubtedly make me sound like an idiot. But I discovered that there are moms who homeschool their children, and not because they live too far from the school. Every day nearly two million children in the US receive their education at home, because those parents (mostly mothers) can give their children a better education that way.

Many homeschooling moms manage to find time to be successful bloggers too, so I've gotten to know some. They are amazing parents who can do something that to me is unthinkable. I would not be able to homeschool my kids, ever. Not even for a day.

Then there are military moms. I unfortunately don't know many military families IRL. Only through blogging have I been able to meet the women who raise children as single parents because their husbands are fighting for people's freedoms around the world. And those moms blow my mind.

On Christmas day, 2011, one military-mom-blogger-friend was due with baby #5. On Christmas. Her husband wasn't granted leave to be with her and she had no other family living nearby. She did it all alone: gave her older four boys a happy Christmas, gave birth to a beautiful fifth boy and is now home again, managing life bravely and single-handedly, hoping but never knowing for certain that her husband will come home soon.

And again I have to tell you that's something I could never handle. Not even for a day.

And only through blogging have I met moms whose faith is so absolute that their love of God permeates every page of their blog, every step they take during the day and every choice they make as parents. Those moms seem to live each day joyfully and gladly, knowing that it's all part of God's plan for their lives to unfold as they have.

I accompany my Catholic husband and children to Mass most Sundays but regrettably, spiritual is something I'm not. It is, however, something I'm working on. Because how wonderful would it be to feel a guiding hand of a higher being on your shoulder every day?

I'm sure there are many other types of mothers in this great country of ours, living their lives in profound ways and doing astonishing things for their families.

I hope they blog so I can meet them someday too.


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