Mothers day

I have been blessed enough to be a mother for 5 mothers days. My daughter will be 5 in June and my Son 3 in August.  I love holidays and I love family and family time even more. I live alone with and am home with my children all the time. Everyday is mothers day to me. My daughter brings me home drawings from school and my son will pick me wild flowers or make me a mud pie. Some days I wonder what I ever did without my blessings!! And then (as most dare NOT to say) I have my days when I wonder why me?! But thankfully I am quickly reminded when a little voice says "mamma" or a little hand grabs mine to pull me down for a kiss. Kids are so much work but they are the biggest blessing in the world in my opinion. My first mothers day, we spent the day going to see mothers and grandmothers (mine and my husbands). The next three I have spent with my children visiting mothers and grandmothers as their father has been away for work all three years. I always make sure to see both of our mothers. This year, although i love seeing other moms, I am taking a "me" day. I feel a little guilty but it's my day too right? I am going to spend my 5th mothers day at the age of 24 home alone with my beautiful babies. I will wake up and make us breakfast then spend the day doing nothing. No laundry, no dishes ... just whatever the kids and I please. Maybe going to a park or just staying home playing dressup and trains with movies all day. I don't need gifts or dinners to make the day special. All I need are my two blessings giving me hugs and kisses all day. I will give the special women in my life a call, but for the first time, I think its acceptable to stay home and be "alone". 


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