A mother's list....

As a working mom I think that each day is going to be a new day. A new day to figure out how to juggle the craziness of motherhood, the hectic shuffle of being a professional, & the ups & downs of being a wife. Each night I go to sleep thinking about the things I can do better tomorrow. I arrange in my mind each task that I am going to do to improve my life & the life of my family.

The next day comes...

While I have such high expectations the tasks I had lined in my head the night before drift away. It's too much at times. I feel disorganized & overwhelmed, so again at night I go through a new list of tasks to perform. But of course each day comes & that list of tasks just doesn't get done. 

Mothers know how the days start....they are pretty much the same for us all. We yearn for just a little bit more time in bed, but on the weekends an angelic voice or face wakes us from our sleep. "We're hungry" is typically what wakes me on weekends.  I struggle to get up & go through my list of tasks in my head, but the fog of the morning is too much. The list is pushed off to the side, it's a weekend, so I should enjoy! My husband is usually up before me, how does he do that? We start our weekend morning with pancakes. We watch some cartoons, play around in the bed, then go through the needs of the day --- groceries, park or outside play....& in between all this I try to find time to work.

Ok, so tomorrow is a new day....I will be able to get through that list of tasks, right?

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