Mothers' Movement Online: Impact of Blogging, Story-Telling & Social Media

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Anita Jackson, Valerie Young, Nanette Fondas

Today women online write, blog, and activate change in the country with respect to work-life-family integration, public policy, and business practice. This "mothers' movement" has gained momentum since 2006 and continues to have impact.

In this session, we will discuss that impact, the role of blogging and story-telling, and how other social media (such as Twitter and Pinterest) can grow the momentum. We will talk about how a mothers' "revolution" includes blogging about personal strategies, workplace change, and legislation.  We will talk about how people from different organizations and blogs connect to amplify one another's message.  We'll ask how this highly connected web of bloggers can make an even greater impact online and in real life. 

We will also glance back to the beginning of the mothers' movement: the publication of The Feminine Mystique. Would Betty Friedan have blogged? Honoring the 50th anniversary of the book's publication, we'll discuss the differences between the movement sparked by Friedan's book and the thriving, growing, dynamic movement today made possible by blogging and other social media.  

Mothers and others: all are welcome! Three people will present thoughts and lead the discussion:  

  • Anita Jackson, Director of Social Media Strategy and Blogging at
  • Nanette Fondas, blogger at The Atlantic, Ms., Psychology Today, MomsRising and former Executive Editor at

Please join us!