A Mother's Prayer: Let Tomorrow Come

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[Editor's Note: You may have heard the horrible news that a a baby died after a fall from a shopping cart earlier this week. It popped all over my Facebook page, with everything from shock to grief to judgment to warnings about how to put your child in a shopping cart properly. The truth is that a freak accident could change our lives and our families forever. Law Momma, who lives in the same area as the mother who lost her baby, wrote a heart-felt prayer in reaction, asking for tomorrow. I urge you to read it. -Jenna]

A Mother's Prayer:

A Spanish nobleman in ParisThis is my prayer.

My child is my love, my life, and my world.

I look into his eyes and I see the future of my heart, the wealth of knowledge he will collect, the people he will know and love and create.

When I hold him close, I can breathe in the scent of his tomorrow intermingled in the soft sweetness of his today.

Please, please, let that tomorrow come.

A tissue warning should be issued on the post as a whole, but it is a must read and leads to the question: What is your prayer?

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