Mothers Without Custody?

To all the wonderful mothers out there, I blog for you and our pain. I have often felt alone in this curious strange world of "Custody" hearings and hearings and hearings.... I now know after much research, I am not alone in this painful surreal situation. I have started on a path, my feet did not want to go, as if the ocean came and swept me off my nice little clear cut way and into the depths of hell. After a year of fighting for custody of my two small children, I have lost a battle that I dont think I would have won? Sure, I was a stay at home mother, sure I was a homemaker to my husband of 14 years (since I was 17), but that does not matter in the world we live in today. Did I mention,  I was physically and emotionally abused from the beginning of the relationship (I am still being emotionally tormented, by my abuser). After the separation, I began to work part time, my children were never in day care, I had family constantly around them, and an awesome support group. My life was beginning to unfold out of the talons of my abuser I was prevailing, and becoming stronger each and everyday I was becoming so strong and curageous, I didnt even recognize myself! Then the rug came up from underneath me. My abuser wanted FULL custody, oh and he wanted to live in Canada (that would be a totally different country than the United States of America?). I honestly thought right, this will never happen, they will have to prove me unfit to take my children to a different country? Right, then the panic kicked in, OH MY GOD, this is really happening, I could really have my children taken away? It did happen, in my beautiful country I call home, this did happen, the Judge said it was because I have a job, and my abuser, did not ? the end....So fine, I can move to Canada, not so easy, okay, I will move as close to the border as I can, I will quit my job, my life and my childrens life depends on me being available to their needs, and I need them, maybe more right now? I am so scared and helpless. I am not alone, this is a huge epidemic in our country, Mothers are being separated from their babies, everyday. I am talking about good mothers, stay at home mothers, working mothers , maybe they have a parking ticket on their record. I am talking about controlling fathers who want to stick it to the mothers because they are in their own pain, and want everyone else to be in pain too, they are not truly thinking about the children. No real Man would ever want to take his children away from a good "fit" mother. This epidemic will cause undue harm to our dear little innocent children. So many women share my story, I am here to tell you, you are not alone, and you are not crazy. We all need to stand together, and to bring this subject up in our communites, help pass new laws regarding child custody. I am not done, my journey is not over, my pain will never end, until I find justice for all Mothers alike. Anyone going through a divorce or a separation, please seek legal council, immediatly. The Devil is going after mothers, trying to separate her from her children so he can work his magic of deciet, we can stop it together, if we unite!!


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