Motivation for Bookworms - Could I Just Read About Doing A Push-Up?

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I tell myself I will sign up for that yoga class. I think about it every time I get a twinge or a crook in the neck. The days move forward and so does any lack of movement toward an actual decision or action.

I then spend two more days berating myself for not listening to my body. The truth is there is no one keeping me from getting off my fanny. The only constriction that surrounds me is myself and I’m not to happy about it. The old devils of fear, imperfection and judgment are doing the two foot shuffle that stamps out what I know to be true; I need to move my body more than I do.

I tried to go to the gym years ago but I have found that was a shame based experience best left to the physically fit.

Yoga works for my body. I know that. I can do it. I just don’t want to after a long day at the Salt Mine. I didn’t use to be this way.

Yet I have to deal with the body I currently have; this new incarnation of flesh and I are having problems coming to terms. I don’t care for the changes that are being commanded of me such as more exercise, less fat and a balance between rest and running the road.

I have to do something so I don’t feel my life is turning into adventures of a cubicle bunny.

I know that reading is not the same as doing. In fact it might be my specific way of avoiding my dealing with being sedentary because if you ask me what I am doing I can say “reading.” If I change my perspective and say I’m looking for inspiration, well that is more acceptable.

Patti Digh from 37 Days has the kind of blog upside the head that I need. The premise is what would you do if you only had 37 days of life remaining? Not sure I’d be exercising but I would be walking around looking at the world and taking photos.

Patti had a post about making time for herself and her needs, which also include moving the body.

Like many, I don't feel like I can add one more thing to my day. I am overwhelmed beyond the capital letter O. But as I look at the long list of things I must do each day, the shortest list is the "me" list. Your one action doesn't need to take an hour or two. How about 10 minutes a day, instead?

I think I have more than one video around here that has yoga exercises on it so I could do 10 minutes to start if I can find the VHS or DVD. Then again, that could be an exercise project by itself. Perhaps if I pay attention to the common sense of The Naked Soul on How do you practice? it would take some of the heat out of thinking instead of doing.

Walking is something that I can do and I forget that you can walk almost anywhere. A peek in to Walking in Stillness and Do What You Love are great reminders to me that there is much to be gained by taking a walk with my camera. Or even by myself.

Sadie Chanlett-Avery’s post at Holistic with Humor might convince me to change my beliefs about what I can and can’t do:

Too often, exercise becomes pigeonholed as an atonement for dietary transgressions. Instead of using it as self-punishment, a movement practice can be a form of self-determination. Beyond burning calories, training can provide emotional balance, foster introspection, and increase creativity.

Goodness knows I need the balance and introspection. I’m still not setting foot in a gym. So this week the goal is a little more mental kindness and a bit more movement, however it comes.


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