Motivation Monday

For those of you who sign up for Tone It Up emails {which if you don't, you should do it now here}, you know that Monday's are Motivation Mondays.

On their calendars, they usually have a motivating quote. Today's quote is, "Judge each day not by the harvest you reap, but the seeds you plant." Love it!

They also share some success stories, which I absolutely love reading.

In addition to sharing the lovely Tone It Up ladies' motivation, today I will be sharing my own :)

Now, my Motivation Monday is a little different.

Motivating shots are usually of touching quotes and in shape women, we aspire to look like. I love those shots, but sometimes I need something to push me a little further ...


Last night I watched Immortals and the second it was over I had the urge to go to the gym. Can you blame me?! Such beautiful men! Roar!

It's so cool to think about how HARD they work for their bodies. If they work that hard, why shouldn't we? Exactly why I got my butt off the couch and spent 45 minutes at the gym instead of on my couch watching Once Upon a Time.

So let's be real, are you now motivated?!

Tip: look at these again when you are trying to pump yourself to workout. Trust me!

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