Motivational Monday

It’s Monday and I’m sure most of you social media junkies know that it’s Motivational Monday these days.  Today I want to be a little motivation to you all.  This is mostly for the mommas out there, but my message for today can really apply to anyone, men or women, young or old, any race, and any religion.  Don’t let life get in your way of fulfilling your dreams. 
I say this today because I have realized that what I do is not normal.  People literally think I’m crazy.  When people ask what I do, I have a long list for a response.  I am a stay at home mom, a blogger, a student, and now a Nordstrom employee.  Their first response is “do you have a nanny?”  My response is always “no”.  Then they look at my like what the… and they ask “when do you sleep?”  Followed by me saying “When I can.” Now, my husband also travels for work and we don’t have any family in DC.  So, some days I am a one-woman show. 
  I am not sharing this story to toot my own horn or brag.  I’m sharing because I don’t make excuses.  I could easily just be a stay at home mom.  I don’t need to blog, to work, run half marathons or go to school.  These are choices I have made to better myself.  Trust me some days it’s hard, but life is hard.  This past year has brought our family so many ups and downs.  I could have quit, given up, thrown in the towel and everyone would have understood.  I am still here, setting bigger and better goals for myself for next year.  
  Here is the point of my story.  Whatever your excuses are, your reasons to not achieve your dreams, LET THEM GO.  Take the first step to achieving your goals.  Put it all aside and like Nike says “Just Do It.”  Don’t grow old and regret all the woulda, coulda, shoulda’s.  Don't get me wrong there will be days when you tell your friends and your family “I’m giving up.”  DON’T.  Go out and give it a 110%.  Make today the start of your perfect life. 

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