Mountain Climbing Dreams

The past weekend did several small hikes in Canmore and came across several rock climbers on our journey. My littlest looked on with envy. He is always dreaming of the day that he will be climbing the side of a mountain.

I have had moments when I have hollered on the trail “Stop trying to climb that cliff face! What happens if you fall?”

It is at those moments he will scowl, “I won’t fall! I’m a mountain goat!”

I roll my eyes with a sigh “I know.”

He then looks to me, “When will you take me to the rock climbing wall? I really want to learn to climb!”

It is with that I smile and say “Maybe next week.”

We drove home after a beautiful weekend admiring the views only to turn on the news to discover two climbers had plummeted 100 meters to their death. My littlest looked on with sadness in his eyes.

“But they were doing what they loved…”

It was at that moment he realized accidents do happen and no one is invincible on the mountain.

Rock climbing is an admirable sport but it also has it dangers. So as my son dreams of one day climbing to the top of the mountain. I secretly hope that this dream will be fleeting.

Do you support all of your children's dreams?


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