Mourning Meal

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I'm choosing to go a whole foods route and avoid as much processed food at possible. I'm not loading up on snacks to replace my old ass doesn't need it. I'm choosing this new diagnosis as a chance to get my body healthy via healthy food. I'm choosing to look at this as a positive opportunity.


I needed my time to mourn the foods and way of life I no longer have open to me. At least by choice, because really...I could ignore the diagnosis and eat what I want, where I want. But I don't want to, since the fatigue has practically gone and I feel like a completely new person. I'm looking forward to discovering a more creative way of baking and cooking so that I can get my dining out favorites at home - there are so many wonderful websites at my fingertips cooking up wholesome (a.k.a. UN-processed) goodness!

My advice, when faced with a friend who is going through the same thing (or even yourself)? Allow time to mourn. Don't rush to say, " won't be so bad, you have so many choices!" (I said this very thing about myself to a friend recently). Instead, say "Wow, that sucks. How are you feeling about it?" Then, start surfing that silver lining, because could be worse, you could need a few stitches. What...that limb will probably grow back, just watch. {wink}

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