Move house with your mouse

Moving house just got a whole lot easier. Don’t believe it? Then read on.

Setting up your first home, or moving on to a new one, is a major upheaval so you need to think about how to reduce the amount of running around and wasted effort that can be involved. To do this look no further than you laptop, PC or Ipad. While sitting in the comfort of your home you can plan your house layout, starting from the ground up, with 3D modelling programmes, made so easy anyone can use it. Design a new build or visualize your home contents in a new space.

This technology used to be solely in the hands of the professionals but now, from a ground plan of your property, and with a click of the mouse you can: raise the walls, punch out the windows, add the doors, run up a flight of stairs, add in the bathrooms and even spill over into a loft extension.  

Will it fit? When you see a new property you imagine your furniture in a new setting; can I get Grandma's dresser into the kitchen or will it have to go into the dining room? Is that monstrous painting your bought at the art fair too big for the living room? Do you really think you can cram a snooker table into the double garage? With these programmes you can work on a scale drawing of the rooms and make sure that you're not left with a wardrobe on the drive or a fridge-freezer on the staircase.

That brings us onto the decor. Decisions, decisions - have you seen how many colours there are in a paint swatch? You want carpets, I prefer parquet, she loves curtains, he favours blinds. Where to start? With an online 3D space planning software you can explore the options without opening a single tester pot or staring blankly at a colour chart. From the huge choice of colours, textures and finishes you can experiment with your little friend, the mouse, by your side. Click it’s red, no, click it’s blue, click it’s rush matting, no, click it’s lino.  It works for the garden too. You get the picture?

Have a play today - you may find you are looking forward to moving after all. You can share your creation with your friends and family too.

With these programmes, the only limit is your imagination.

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