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I was inspired to write this post after reading Emily A. Clark's blog about decorating with a plan or a whim? One of the images she uses is from the movie It's Complicated. As I've stated before I'm a huge Nancy Meyers fan (writer, director extraordinaire) I love everything she does. She also has an amazing flare for creating sets/homes that most women just love. Each film I watch of hers is always my new favorite. 

I can't even count the number of times I've watched her films. I've literally watched some scenes - frame by frame.... just to see the edits, camera angles and set decoration. 

One of my favorite sets from her films is the spanish style California ranch home of Meryl Streep's character Jane Adler. It's clearly a family home that's been curated over time. Like I've mentioned in previous posts that's my favorite way of decorating

Here is just a peek into some of the sets in Nancy Meyers films that have greatly influenced my decorating... it's just an aesthetic that resonates with me sensibilities. 

It's Complicated

Family Movie Night


Family/Living Room


croque monsieur with Steve Martin




Meryl Streep's bedroom



Something's Gotta Give




Diane Keaton's Bedroom





Hampton's Beach House


The Holiday

Kate Winslet's English Cottage




Cameron Diaz California Ranch


And of course, I love the apartment, the set decoration and Jennifer Aniston's wardrobe in The Break-Up - however I wasn't a big fan of the movie... kinda' dark and mean.

The Break Up


So that's just a few movie homes/sets that have inspired my decorating style. Yesterday I was in a bit of a set decorating mood in our home and my dear husband mentioned how much he loved the look and feel of our home. He said my blogging has clarified my style and decorating of our home. I thought - time well spend. I loved it! 

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