Movie Reviews, May 10th


My Week with Marilyn: Would you like to see a perfect little movie? Then rent My Week with Marilyn. Sweet and funny, interesting and sharp, My Week with Marilyn is everything a chick flick should be. It's not set in New York. There is no hilarious best friend. It's nice. It's quiet. It's a great performance by Michelle Williams as the damaged but irresistible Marilyn, and a fun look at Hollywood in a different era. This might be my favorite movie of the Spring.

Justin Bieber: Never Say Never: Yeah, I watched this. Let it be known that I did not RENT this movie, but that it was avaliable on Netflix streaming and I watched it when I was sick. Maybe my brain was infected, who knows. What I do know is that it was oddly fascinating. I am not a Bierber fan, nor do I know any of his songs, but I still found the documentary about his meteoric rise to fame completely engaging. He is the product of social media, and it's changing the way people become famous and all us old folks should take notice. His level of fame is insane, and I felt the film showed the strangely scary side of that, like when he almost got ripped apart by tweens at the mall.

The Eagle: I don't get the Channing Tatum thing. (I originally wrote his name as Chatum Nanning, until I looked it up on IMDB.) I don't dislike him, but I don't get the draw. He's good looking, sure. But he just doesn't grab me the way I hope he would. Luckily, this movie was pretty good with or without him. A story that tries REALLY hard to make you sympathetic to Rome (Uh, sorry, they were terrible), the Eagle focuses on two men (Tatum and Jamie Bell, who I can never shake as the kid in Billy Elliot) trying to find a gold eagle to return Rome to it's former glory (was that before or after they were the downfall of society?). The movie was actually pretty good, and made me interested in learning more about the intersection of Rome and Scotland. That's the ultimate compliment, I think, that it made me interested in history. Ryan and I both enjoyed it.

The Debt: Depressing, hard-hitting and at times umcomfortable, I really enjoyed this well-plotted spy movie. Jessica Chastain is my new favorite actress - have I mentioned that? She was fantastic, as was Helen Mirren, always a joy to watch. The story, about Jewish secret agents that are hunting a nazi war criminal, was fast moving and gritty. Really, who doesn't love a good spy movie with a chilling ending?

Hugo: Hugo was HUGE-O boring. Did it look gorgeous? Absolutely. Was it maybe the most boring movie I'd ever seen? Absolutely. I wanted to love Hugo. Everything about it was lovely and intriguing. It won a million Oscars, and it was all pretty and sparkly and French. Here's my recommendation: if you want pretty and sparkly and French rent Midnight in Paris. If you want to take a REALLY good nap, rent Hugo. For as beautiful as it was, Hugo just never got off the ground. The story was an obvious love letter from Martin Scorcese to old movies. And while it's a sweet notion, it didn't make for an interesting movie. On the plus side, Sacha Baron Choen was actually pretty charming for a guy I've seen in a one piece European speedo.




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