Moving on...?

When is it time to give up on a book? I’ve been working and revising on my first novel for nearly three years. And honestly, I’ve queried about eighty percent of the agents out there who take young adult novels. I’ve gotten a few nibbles – a few agents interested enough in my query to ask for a taste of the writing. But most of what I get is “No.” No no no no no. A published writer that I talk to fairly often suggests revising my manuscript between submissions. I do that. But if I’ve already queried at least one agent in almost every agency, is anyone going to look at my materials now? So I’m going back and mailing in some more queries, re-querying some agents that I think are perfect for my book on the off chance that they rejected me as a fluke but would actually, really love to see my manuscript. The problem is, my story is weird. Not cool, vampire weird. But a talking beaver weird. And talking beaver weird might work for, say, a ten year-old boy, but an eighteen year-old girl…probably not. Unfortunately, that is my targeted demographic. My question is…when is it time to let go of the hope that my weird book will be published and move on to one of my many other projects?


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