Moving Across the Country: I'm sick of boxes

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A few weeks ago, the little kids came home from their dad's house and they stopped in the doorway of the office and sputtered. "What happened?" "What are these doing here?" I was confused. They're boxes, duh. We're moving, duh. We've had a house full of boxes for weeks. I did not understand their questions.

Turns out, their confusion was related to the type of boxes covering the office floor and the entry to the dining room. The boxes were from the liquor store and this confused them. We don't drink and I am very anti-alcohol so a house full of boxes from the liquor store completely floored them.

They are weird kids.

We went away for the weekend, again, and when we came home today I stopped and sputtered over the boxes too. I'm sick of them. Really really sick of living with a house full of boxes (whether they are liquor store boxes or yarn store boxes.) Just sick of the boxes.

Besides the box clutter, I'm sick of odds and ends sitting on shelves, on floors, on dressers just waiting for the perfect box to appear. I'm sick of the garage being full of stuff to go to the dump, to get picked up, or get taken to Goodwill. I'm sick of living in my house yet having it not feel like my house because nothing is where it is suppose to be.

Zan has blogged the 100 Thing Challenge, a topic I can normally speak at length on. Today, the only response I can come up with is, "I wish I had only 100 BOXES of stuff."

I'm done with preparing to move. I just want to get it over with but we still have 19 days. 19 days before we move. 19 more days of boxes here and how many more days of boxes once we arrive in Illinois.

I am sick of it all.

I see these photos of a car full of empty boxes and I cringe. (I also envy her because she only has 10 days before she moves.)

Oh wow, majia2 sounds like she's living my life. Boxes everywhere and no place to hide the boxes.

Thankfully, people like this have before and after photos to help inspire me. My office cannot be full of boxes like that "before" photo. It just can't. I will have to get it organized immediately or I will go crazy.

Who am I kidding, the boxes in the office have already driven me crazy. I just hope getting rid of the boxes quickly in Illinois will help bring me back to normal.

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