Moving Across the Country: Leaving Your Kids Behind

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In my first post about moving across the country, I mentioned that my 21 year old son was considering moving to Illinois with us and my 18 year old daughter would not entertain the idea at all. As expected, my son considered it for about 10 minutes and hasn't considered it since. Michelle, on the other hand, went from leaving the room any time moving was discussed to agreeing to move to Illinois with us. At least that was the plan until the week before our house hunting trip. Then, she changed her mind and she's not going to move with us.


What this means is that I'm going to move to Illinois and will no longer live with any of "my" three children or live in close (or relatively close) proximity to any of them. I'm having "empty nest" syndrome and we haven't even made the move yet!

I knew this day would come. She is, after all, 18 and graduating from high school. I knew she would go off to college. I think I was prepared for that. I was not prepared to be the one who does the leaving. Neither was she and that's why she is NOT going off to college. She's staying here, in Gainesville, to finish her AA degree (she has three classes left) and living in her very own apartment. All alone. She signed the lease.



With every item I cross off of my "to do list" and every box I pack, we all get closer to new lives - lives that will be lived much, much further apart.

At least I'm not alone. And, I'm not dealing with a "true" empty nest since the three little kids will still be with us. But still... I can relate to these women and I'm sure they can relate to me.

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    Oy, again.

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