Moving... and moving on


As I sit in my new home, staring out the window at leaves of many colors and knowing there is a cold chill in the air, a subtle feeling of warmth comes over me.  I am home.*

I am at home amidst a thousand changes. I am home although I've only been here for 48 hours.  Amidst a new place, new culture, new roads, new businesses, & new can I feel so settled in when there are boxes everywhere and unpacking to do?

Because I believe that over the course of the human lifespan, we are meant to grow, change, experience, and live fearlessly.  The highs and lows change me, sculpt me, and help me to understand more about this experience called life.  

I feel alive when I ride on the wave of change, adventure, and growth.

Some may question my moves, my motives, and my plans. But I have learned that most of our questions stem from fear. When others ask, "Where will you work? Where will you live? What if it doesn't work out? What if you regret it?  What's your plan? and Why don't you just stay still?"

These are all attempts at controlling the uncontrollable. 

I feel comfortable knowing that I don't have all the answers and I don't want to know the answers either.

True life occurs fresh at each moment, when we are allowed the dignity to invent, recreate, and regenerate without knowing what happens next.  

Today, I choose to acknowledge the fear in myself and others, but to march on with my life knowing that I possess all the tools necessary to thrive and succeed no matter where I go and so do you.



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