Moving Back to Boise

boise vs eugene

When I was 18 and fresh out of high school I moved to Boise, Id. to live with my Aunt and Uncle, and his daughter Tina. I was over living in Southern California and needed a change. So I packed my room up and had my wonderful supportive parents drive me the 12+ hours to my new home. I had visited Boise for about a month earlier in the Summer, and completely fell in love. I knew I belonged there and that Ontario, Ca. was no longer my home.

boise vs eugen

Fast forward approximately 2 1/2 years. Engaged and with a baby on the way, Ben and I had a big decision on our hands. With Ben's parents moving from Boise to Eugene and my parents living down in California, we had to decide where to live. I thought it was very important for Xander to grow up around at least one set of grandparents. But neither of us was interested in moving to Eugene, so we decided that California was going to be our new home.

Almost immediately, we regretted moving. California is so much more chaotic than the laid back atmosphere of Boise. But because I love my parents and wanted to be near them we stayed in California.

boise vs eugene

Fast forward another 9 years and we finally get the opportunity to get out of California. The only problem was that it was to Eugene and not Boise. Actually, when we first moved here we briefly lived in a small farming town called Brownsville, and let me tell you, country living is not my thing! Although it was one of the cutest places I've ever seen.

Anyway, we have been in Eugene, Or. for almost 6 years and I have to be honest I can't wait to get out of here. Eugene is just not the place for me. I'm a pretty happy go lucky kind of girl that definitely sees the glass half full instead of half empty, but this town really drains the life out of you. Well, me. It drains the life out of me. I know so many wonderful people who absolutely love it here and will never leave. I mean, up until the day Oregon falls into the ocean these folks will be holding on to the edge trying to save it. I just don't understand why.

boise vs eugeneIn the last year my attitude towards Eugene has just gotten worse. It's really hard to enjoy living somewhere when you know you don't belong there and should be living somewhere else. So this past November we finally decided it was time to move back to Boise, and I seriously couldn't be happier! We will be making the big move at the beginning of August. Which for me can't get here fast enough.

There are so many reasons to love Boise, but the number one reason for us is that our friends are in Boise. There is nothing worse than living in a city for more than 5 years and feeling like you really haven't made more than a couple true, real friends. Sure we've met lots and lots of very nice people since moving here, but other than one particular couple, I wouldn't consider most of them life long friends.

Friends are so important in adult life. Especially as Xander gets older and busier with his own life, we find ourselves wanting to spend more time with our friends. We have a very close group of friends in Boise that I have known for almost 20 years and Ben has known most of them since he was in high school. Here in Eugene we just don't have that core group of friends, and we really miss that.

boise vs eugeneThe second reason for our move is the schools and more importantly the parent involvement in their child's education. The schools here in Eugene are not awful, they could definitely be worse. But for a student like Xander who is soft spoken and average where grades are concerned, he can tend to be pushed to the side by teachers because there are kids who honestly need more help than he does or are accelerating faster than he is. And I know that we might find the same thing in Boise. But with smaller class sizes we are hoping he will get a little more teacher attention.

boise vs eugeneAnd our third reason for moving back to Boise is the weather. Growing up in Southern California where it was sunny almost everyday, you would think that I am naturally a sun worshiper, but I'm not. I burn very easily so I tend to avoid the sun. But when you live in a place that on average only gets 75 sunny days a year, the gloom starts to get to you. Boise on the other hand gets on average 205 sunny days a year. Now that is what I'm talking about. Just enough gloom and cheer for me. Plus all 4 seasons!!! Warm/hot Summers, chilly Fall, cold yet sunny Winter with just a little snow, and the most beautiful Spring season you have ever seen in your life.

I'm so excited, the process of getting everything in order for the big move has officially started. We are in the process of finding a place to rent, and thankfully Boise school district is an open enrollment district so Xander will be going to the same high school Ben went to. So that's pretty cool.

Let the moving festivities begin!




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