Moving During the School Year: HELP!!

moving day

With any luck, my family will be moving (again) the week of Thanksgiving.  And although we are really excited, this will be the first time we have ever had a move that required a mid-year school change.  And I am totally at a loss how to deal with it.  I don't even want to tell my son, hoping he'll wake up after thanksgiving break and not realize we moved at all (fat chance).  My silly monkey is in kindergarten and LOVES his school, and is doing really well by all accounts, and I am terrified that we are going to screw all of that up. 

Any advice from mom's who have been there?  How did you deal with the transition?  With the inevitable (and daily) "But I don't want to move" complaint?   Should we homeschool until after winter break so it's like a pseudo-new school year? And the after shock: did your kids transition well?  What were the biggest obstacles and behavior issues, and how did you deal with them?


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