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It was one of those nights. Husband gone for work, both girls needing something at what felt like the same exact second, dog begging for a walk, water boiling over while cooking rice, spilled lemonade during dinner, laundry needing to be done. It seemed like everything and everyone needed me at that very moment. The pile of stuff to do seemed to be a mile high. And it felt like it just kept going… up… up… up.

(Total mom moment, I now feel like I should continue, “and up, up, up went the baby bird.” *name that book!!*)

It is moments like these that we as moms face each day. The little everyday moments that sometimes breeze by us and don’t even come close to fazing us, but on other days it seems like a mountain of a to-do list stands before you. An official “mom mountain.” Do you ever feel like you are being pulled in more than one direction?

“When you don’t know what to do, just do the thing in front of you.”
-Elisabeth Elliot

How can you put this into practice? How can you move your own “mom mountain” tomorrow (or whenever it next appears)?

If you take a large task (or a gazillion tiny ones) and break it down into the small things right in front of you, before you know it, you’ll have overcome that mountain of things to do. You’ll find yourself at the summit, ready to take on the next mom mountain and just maybe the next time you are faced with a mountain to climb, you won’t have as far to climb -- you’ll scoot right up it and over the top.



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