Moving Your Blog: How Do You Know When It's Time for a Change?

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When you picked your blogging software, you probably knew little about the differences between Wordpress and Blogger. You probably couldn't understand why people would opt to self-host. You certainly didn't know your way around a dashboard. If you are like most people, you chose your blogging software because bloggers you read used that particular software, or someone recommended it to you, or you did a quick Google search for "start a blog" and your software came up as the top result.

So you started a blog.

And then you realized your software's limitations.

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Image: DNO1967b via Flickr

That's what happened to Martha Wills with her eponymous blog.  She started her blog on Wordpress and then realized the site's limitations: (my publishing platform) is great in so many ways. Primarily it’s easy, and I do have access to my statistics, only not to the UMV. In addition (and much to my dismay), doesn’t allow the use of Google Analytics, which is what everyone off of uses (it seems) to gather such information and more.

She wonders in her post whether she should switch software, namely, from to self-hosted. But this same scenario has played out on blogs so many times before: people moving from Blogger to Wordpress or vice versa, from free software to self-hosted, from one hosting company to another. Moving a blog can be just as much of a pain as moving houses, and even at its easiest, it's still like switching hotel rooms just as you've gotten comfortable.

Have you ever switched blogging software or moved from free site to self-hosted? What was your experience?

Melissa writes Stirrup Queens and Lost and Found. Her novel about blogging is Life from Scratch.


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