Moving At Your Own Speed

The world is moving so quickly that sometimes it's difficult to catch up to where you think you ought to be. Knowing that everyone is different and understanding that you are all unique are two different things. You find yourself surrounded by those you think are your peers but somehow you are still running at a different pace.  Even with all the people that surround you, you still feel alone. How can anyone understand who you are, if you yourself are at a loss. One day you know exactly where you should be, then the next day there is no where that you go that gives you comfort. If knowing yourself is the key, then be in that space. Move at your own speed, instead of keeping up with the others. You are perfect just the way you are. You are no better or less than anyone else. Be at peace with your uniqueness and your journey will be much clearer.

Don't wait for someone to buy you flowers...

(I consider them good days and bad, but maybe it's more of knowing and questioning. Sometimes I wake up knowing where I'm supposed to be. I am comfortable in my own skin. But then there are days that the questions begin before I get out the door. I used to feel lost when I doubted who I am and where I'm supposed to be. But now I understand if I don't question, then I'm not human. And making mistakes and learning by them makes me exactly who I am  supposed to be.)


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